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Welcome to the Mallorca Made blog, your definitive guide to discover the island’s treasures through its local products and authentic experiences. Here, we dive into the heart of Mallorca, exploring the rich flavors, traditional crafts and secret corners that make this island a unique place in the world.

Sea salt from Mallorca, one of the 8 best salts in the world

Flor de Sal de Mallorca is a pure and artisanal salt known for its light and flaky texture and its richness in minerals, making it a gourmet product found in the best cuisines in the world.

EVOO with Flavor of Mallorca

Mallorca's Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a culinary jewel of the island, where tradition and flavor come together in every drop, offering an unforgettable gastronomic experience for locals and visitors alike.

Porc Negre de Mallorca, a unique breed for an exceptional gastronomic experience

Porc Negre Mallorquí, the native Mallorcan breed of pig, is fundamental for the elaboration of the famous sobrassada and traditional dishes that highlight its unique flavor and semi-free-range breeding.

White wine of Mallorca

Mallorcan white wines are a vibrant showcase of the island's varied viticultural palette. Created in Mallorca's idyllic Mediterranean setting, these wines embrace the essentials of the local vines and the impact of the island's climate and soil, displaying a range of flavors that oscillate between fruity vibrancy and aromatic complexity.