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EVOO, an acronym for “Extra Virgin Olive Oil”, is the highest category of olive oil, obtained directly from olives and only by mechanical processes. This golden liquid is not only a culinary ingredient but an essential cultural and healthy element in Mediterranean civilizations.

In the Mediterranean diet, recognized worldwide for its health benefits, EVOO plays a leading role. Not only does it bring a distinctive flavor to dishes, but it is also rich in antioxidants and monounsaturated fats, contributing to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. Mediterranean cuisine, with EVOO at its heart, is a living testimony to how gastronomy can be a reflection of a region’s history and well-being.















Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) in Mallorca represents much more than just a food product; it is a fundamental element that intertwines the history, tradition, landscape, economy and cultural identity of the island. With its Mediterranean climate and fertile land, Mallorca has positioned itself as an ideal place for olive growing, and its EVOO has become an emblematic product of the region, standing out within the broad spectrum of olive oils in Spain.

The Arbequina variety, the most abundant in Mallorca, is known for its aromatic and fruity profile, with notes of almond, apple and ripe tomato.

Olive groves have been part of Mallorca’s agricultural legacy since Roman times, through the Arab domination, and up to the present day, with some millenary trees still in production. These olive groves not only contribute to the characteristic landscape of the Serra de Tramuntana, a region declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but are also an integral part of the local economy, providing employment and sustaining the rural economy. In addition, Mallorcan EVOO has its own Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), which guarantees its quality and origin.

In gastronomy, EVOO is an essential ingredient in the Mediterranean diet and in Mallorcan cuisine, used in a wide variety of dishes, both hot and cold. It is also recognized for its health benefits, making it a mainstay of healthy eating on the island.

EVOO production in Mallorca also plays a crucial role in environmental conservation. Olive groves are ecosystems that promote biodiversity, and traditional and ecological farming practices protect local flora and fauna. Interest in organic and sustainable farming methods is also growing on the island, with many EVOO producers at the forefront of this trend.

EVOO tourism and education are also highlights in Mallorca. “Oil routes” allow visitors to learn about the EVOO production process and its importance to the island’s culture. In addition, fairs, tastings and festivals are organized to promote local EVOO and educate the public about its unique qualities.

In short, Mallorcan EVOO is not only a benchmark of quality and tradition in the globalized world, but also represents a way of life that values and preserves the island’s cultural and natural heritage, highlighting its importance within olive oil production in Spain.



Pla de Mallorca



The world of AOVE is full of fascinating details that directly affect the taste and quality of the oil that reaches our tables. To begin with, there are several varieties of olive, each with unique characteristics.

The Arbequina variety, the most abundant in Mallorca, is known for its aromatic and fruity profile, with notes of almond, apple and ripe tomato. This type of oil is ideal for those who prefer a milder and less bitter taste, perfect to give a delicate touch to cold dishes or simply to enjoy raw.

In terms of quality, not all olive oils are the same. The refined oil is the result of a chemical process applied to lower quality oils, such as lampante oil, to eliminate impurities, odors and undesirable flavors. The virgin oil is already edible and has a maximum acidity of 2%, but the extra virgin oil is the star, with an acidity of less than 0.8% and an impeccable sensory evaluation.

Of course, the Arbequina variety is known for its aromatic and fruity profile, with notes of almond, apple and ripe tomato. This type of oil is ideal for those who prefer a milder and less bitter taste, perfect to give a delicate touch to cold dishes or simply to enjoy raw.

The choice between green or ripe olives is also crucial in Arbequina. Green olives of this variety will produce a slightly more bitter and pungent, more intense oil, while ripe olives soften the profile, making it sweeter and less intense. This nuance is essential for producers looking for a specific flavor or for consumers who have clear preferences as to the intensity of their oil.

The expiration date of the oil is another important aspect. Although EVOO does not have an expiration date as such, it is recommended to consume it within 18 to 24 months to enjoy all its qualities.

For storage, it is best to keep it in a cool place, away from light and heat, and preferably in a dark container to preserve its organoleptic properties.



Get to know the daily life of Mallorcan producers

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Treurer EVOO

(+34) 971 665 994
The Miralles family is a family as families are in Mallorca. A united family, in which joys and sorrows are shared, in which we have common goals and dreams and [...]
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Son Catiu

+34 971940227
Son Catiu is a representative example of Mallorca's rich agricultural heritage, and its olive oil is a testament to the island's commitment to quality and tradition in its agricultural products. [...]
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Agroturismo Roqueta

Maria de la Salut
607 161 853
Roqueta is an agritourism located in the village of Maria de la Salut, in the center of Mallorca. The estate has houses dating back to the 13th century and is [...]
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Oli Solivellas

626 010 340
Oli Solivellas is produced on the Es Guinyent estate, located in a privileged enclave near the Mediterranean Sea and the Serra de Tramuntana. [...]

Es Verger


Tafona de Son Cuixa

600 21 56 09



7 Empelts




Biniatzent d’Alt

Mancor de la Vall

Ca’n Cuai


Ca’n Gori

Es Raiguer

Ca’n Vey


Ca’n Carro


Cases de Son Barbassa

Cala Rajada

El Olivo

Serra de Tramuntana



Es Pujollet


Es Rafal


Es Rafalet


Es Roquissar

Serra de Tramuntana

Finca Biniagual


Finca Es Molinet

Port d’Alcúdia

Finca Rocamel·la


Sa Font Nova


Finca Son Perot


Hort de Cas Missèr



Port d’Andratx



L’Agre Duntemps




Guillermo Febrer Brunet

Villafranca de Bonany
971 292 806
Febrer gas stations are a family business that started with its first service station in 1966 in the municipality of Sant Joan, Mallorca. Currently, they have 19 service stations distributed [...]

Son Mesquidassa

971 06 49 35

Agrícola Aubocasser

971 100 388

Cala Murta

647 81 98 64


971 63 02 94

Inversiones Pelícano

670 31 25 25

Oli de Santanyi

680 567 545
Oli de Santanyi is an organic olive oil project being developed on the southeast coast of Mallorca. The oil is designed to delight gourmets and focuses on the quality and [...]

Olis Ca’n Gori

Sa Pobla
654 538 019

Pedro Gómez Reifs

609 051 125


637 302 313
Picarandau is a family business that began its agricultural adventure in 2006 in the orchard of Palma, with the planting of 2,560 olive trees. Now they offer Oli Verderol, their [...]

Rafel Pons Martínez

607 59 74 47

Rahal Dinat

656 920 113

S’Oliera Son Catiu

971 50 00 01

Son Moragues

971 61 25 41
The history of Son Moragues stands out for its long tradition and its focus on sustainability and respect for the natural environment. With more than seven centuries of history, the [...]

Son Pons agrícola

871 937 932



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Get to know the daily life of Mallorcan producers

Tradition, quality and future. A conversation with Miguel Miralles, CEO of Treurer.

Miguel Miralles, CEO of Treurer, welcomes us at his farm, located in Algaida (Mallorca), after his recent gold medal at the NYOOIC, food fair in New York.
We plan to expand our presence in international markets, but always maintaining our values and quality. We want to be a reference not only in terms of product, but also as a model of sustainable and responsible agricultural practices.



Get to know the daily life of Mallorcan producers

EVOO with Flavor of Mallorca

Mallorca's Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a culinary jewel of the island, where tradition and flavor come together in every drop, offering an unforgettable gastronomic experience for locals and visitors alike.